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August 5 - August 12- Aarhus, Denmark

Aarhus 2018 World Sailing Championship

Nacra 17 Breeze Gold Fleet

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Event Website: www.aarhus2018.com

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The company making the new bearings for Nacra Sailing has been optimizing the production process to achieve the required production levels (In excess of 50 sets) prior to the Class World Championships. The process is necessarily different to the process used to manufacture the prototypes. Due to the high number of rounded corners on these new bearings, it is proving complex to program and to effectively secure the parts while machining.

As a result the production process has been changed. Starting on Monday morning there will be an initial production run of the inside part of the bearing followed by an equivalent production run of the outside part of the bearing.

Distribution plans have therefore changed. Distribution will now be made in batches. Under the new production process beginning on Monday finished bearings will not be completed and shipped on a daily basis.  Initial batch production of the inside and then the outside part will determine exactly when they will be shipped. We do not envisage a delay in production, just that small shipments on a daily basis will not occur. The Nacra 17 Class Executive will meet again this upcoming Tuesday to communicate the final delivery schedule.

There is also a materials update. The inner parts of the bearing will be made from POM, as currently used on the existing bearing. However, based on research and testing, the outside part of the bearing will be made from Ertalyte, a common and higher tensile strength material.

Nacra Sailing have produced a video showing what the new lower bearing looks like and how sailors can  change it on their boats.

Nacra Sailing, the Nacra 17 Class, and the Yacht Club Grande Motte continue to work to hold the 2017 World Championship as scheduled from September 5 – 10, 2017.