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15-21 September / Santander, Spain

2014 World Championship

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68 Teams from 31 countries were ready this morning to start the first day of their competition. The sailors in the Nacra 17 were keen to start sailing. The Yellow fleet with 34 boats left the beach at 11.30. But after arrival at the starting line the wind was not enough to start. Around 14.30 the Yellow Fleet went back to the beach and at 15.00 the Blue Fleet has gone out and hoped to sail.

Around 16.15 the race committee tried to start the Blue Fleet, but before the start the combination of wind shift and current makes it impossible to start. Unfortunately no wind came up anymore and at the end of the afternoon all racing for today has been canceled. The sailors are disappointed about this day without wind, but are content both fleets have been on the water to have a try. Hopefully tomorrow the wind conditions will be better.