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28 August - 1 September, 2018 / Marseille, France

2018 U23 Junior World Championship

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World Sailing produced two injury reports this summer after high profile incidents while training and racing. One of those incidents occurred before the 2017 Nacra 17 World Championship where American helmsman Bora Gulari was thrown from his Nacra 17 in a pitch pole and had parts of three fingers amputated.

Here is a copy of the World Sailing Investigation Report – Nacra 17 Incident August 2017 WSt

Initial reports indicated he might have cut his fingers on the trailing edge of the foils, but the report concludes that such a mechanism was not possible during the incident, and concluded that it was the traveler wrapped around his hand that pinch and caused the amputation.

In the big picture, World Sailing is progressing a comprehensive new safety initiative which should end up making for a safer sport for us all. The Nacra 17 class will include in our future NOR’s the safety rally point so that there is less confusion on where to pick up any injured sailors prior to racing beginning, as we know there is often a gap in this communication while teams come in early to train but the regatta support apparatus is not yet in place.

The class is please to report that Bora is back on the water sailing as he continues to recover and rehabilitate following the injury.


Teams and coaches must register for the event in the Manage2Sail system AND Pay for their entry through the class payment portal.

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The best young Nacra 17 sailors will come to Marseille for the first time. Site of the 2024 Olympic sailing in the Paris Olympics, these U23 sailors and future stars of Olympic sailing will get and early preview of their ultimate goal.


In 2018, the Olympic series are back in Marseille from August 26 to September 1 with 3 World Youth Championships: 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17. The best crews will have a glimpse of Paris 2024.

The events will take place from the Stade Nautique du Roucas Blanc, 6 promenade Georges Pompidou 13008 Marseille. 

Official website of the 49er / 49erFX event / Official Website of the 49er / 49erFX event

Official website of the Nacra17 event / Official Website of the Nacra17

Notice of Race April 12, 2018 / Notice of Race 

Online registration / Registration online

Key information 

  • When: from Sunday, August 26th to Saturday, September 1st
  • Where: At the nautical stadium of Roucas Blanc
  • What: The 23-year-old world championships for 3 Olympic series: the 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17.
  • How: 5 days regatta, 2 rounds of races


  • Quality of services and organization
  • Conviviality in welcoming runners, visitors and coaches
  • Sport and competitiveness on the water
In 2018, the Olympic series are back to Marseille from August 26th to September 1st with 3 Junior World Championships: 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17. The very best Junior 2 person sailing teams will be getting a preview of Paris 2024.
The events will take place at the olympic marina, 6 promenade Georges Pompidou 13008 Marseille.
Useful information
  • When: Sunday, August 26 to Saturday, September 1  
  • Where: The Olympic marina “Stade Nautique du Roucas Blanc”  
  • What: Junior World Championships (-23 years old) for 3 Olympic series: 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17.
  • How: 5 days of regatta, 2 rounds of racing
  • Quality of services and organization.
  • Friendliness to meet sailors, visitors and coaches.
  • Sport and competitivity on water.