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Nacra is a catsailing brand from the bottom up. Inspired and driven by Nacra sailors worldwide, the company is a leading manufacturer of catsailing equipment: producing everything from masts to boats to accessories. Drawing on experiences from our long involvement in the catsailingsport Nacra offers complete catsailing solutions based on performance, design, secure, and value.


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History of Nacra Sailing

NACRA started in the USA as an acronym for “North American Catamaran Racing Association” in 1975. The concept was to sell 36-foot catamarans, getting these stickered up with company names and create a circuit throughout the USA. A couple 36 footers were sold but the circuit with stopovers never succeeded. Pretty much a same circuit as AC or Extreme 40 now run today but in a different time setting.

Performance Catamarans took over the concept and created the Nacra 5.2 (17 foot), thousands of boats sold of this type and the former acronym was held on as a brand name. Other types where introduced, such as the Nacra 5.8, Nacra 6.0. All catamarans based upon one thing only: Performance & Racing.

Early nineteen’s Nacra renewed the full program and added the recreational line to this with boats as the 460, 500, 570 and the 580. Recreational boats that still performed if used at club events or long distance racing but mostly sold to customers that just did not want the hassle of dagger boards and a boom.

Halfway the nineteen’s the F18 class was created and Nacra was there right from the start. Winning many World, European and National titles in this class over the years until today. Always being on top and always trying to stay one step ahead of the competition.

In 2006 the ownership of the brand Nacra and the factory transferred into European hands. The main office of Nacra was now run from The Netherlands with having the biggest harbour of Europe nearby this proved to be a new era for the brand. As the cat sailing crowd is picky, several boats were renewed or stopped within the program. Leaving Nacra to build and supply boats were the customer base was asking for such as a new f18 of Nacra make, the Nacra F20 carbon with curved dagger boards. This being the first production boat ever standardly builds with these boards.

Nacra has always been about performance and customer satisfaction. Always trying to be one step ahead, making sure the big loyal customer base around the world is being served. Many features used today by most manufacturers were taken on-board after Nacra successfully implemented these on their catamarans. Today, Nacra has over 84 dealers worldwide serving customers anywhere and everywhere, delivering parts and new boats. A modern structure that such products need to keep everybody on the water.

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