The Untouchables

The most exclusive club at this European Championships today must be the top three in the Nacra 17 fleet. A dizzying 39 points clear of the fleet and 11 points between them, the British duo with two italian teams chasing delivered a masterclass in championship precision and resilience. Leaders John Gimson and Anna Burnett won […]

Exciting new formats for Nacra 17 – Testing after Paris

The Nacra 17 fleet has endorsed a two year trial period to test new formats for racing. At the 2023 AGM, the fleet endorsed two new options to conclude regattas, specified the period of testing should be from September 2024 to September 2026, and opened the possibility for other format options to emerge. The first […]

Nacra 17 Medal Race at 2023 Worlds

Jarudd and Jonsson (SWE) Snatch Bronze and Italians and Brits hold for gold and silver The Gold and Silver were all but decided heading into her medal race, but the fight for bronze was among five boats. Laila van de Meer with Bjarne Bouwer (NED) were fourth overnight and won the pin end of the […]

Sailing World Salutes Lange in Farewell

The Olympic sailing world came together to salute Santiago Lange upon completing his final Olympic class racing. The Coast Guard ship did a 360 with horns blaring as the fleet lined up the ramp to welcome the legend back to shore. Lange, the three-time medalist, won gold in Rio in 2016 months after recovering from […]

Olympic Champion Santiago Lange Retires at 61

August 15, 2023 Santiago Lange (ARG) to retire following the 2023 Sailing World Championship after a 43 year career including three Olympic medals. The sailing hero won medals in three events, including a Gold at Rio 2016 at 54 years old. More incredibly, his Rio gold came after winning a fight against cancer that claimed […]

Competitive Day in Gold Fleet Mixes Up the Fleet

The first day of Gold fleet for the Nacra 17 brought all 25 top teams together. The racing became another notch more intense, and the conditions multiplied the up-and-down nature of the scores with a lighter offshore wind being hard for the teams to predict. Only Emil Jarrud with Hannah Johnson (SWE) managed three races […]

Tita and Banti inevitable – like Verstappen

Max Verstappen, the Formula 1 driver making racing ‘boring’ wishes he was as inevitable in victory as Tita and Banti (ITA). The Italian Gold medalists ran another picket fence today with three straight victories in the nacra 17 racing. If they hold on to win the 2023 World Championship, that would make four World titles […]

Tita and Banti keep charging

Three bullets to start the 2023 World Championship for Ruggero Tita and Caterina Banti (ITA 26) sees the pair start this worlds in the same dominant form they won the last worlds with. The defending gold medalists were the last team to launch this morning, cool and calm as ever, and then went out to […]

The qualifying form guide for Nacra 17 at the Sailing World Championship

As the excitement builds for the 2023 Nacra 17 World Championship, sailors and fans alike are eagerly anticipating the intense competition that lies ahead. With only nine nations set to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics, the stakes are high for all participating teams. There are fleets within fleets, and we’ll review what that means for […]