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August 12-20 / Rio, Brazil

2016 Olympic Games

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Pablo Defazio (35) and Mariana Foglia (34) Husband and wife are from Montevideo, Uruguay. They will represent Uruguay in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.  

Since when have you been sailing together on de Nacra17?

We started sailing together on the Nacra 17 on April 2013 when our boat arrive in Uruguay. It was a big challenge for both of us because we came from monohull sailing, so the change was really big. It took a lot of time to get comfortable on the boat. 

What was your biggest challenge as a team?

The big challenge for us at the beginning was the boat, when we start to control the boat, was the communication between us and we keep working until today on that point for the games. 

What is your best or most memorable result/win on your Road to Rio? Sailing, qualifying, mental, physically?

For sure the Qualifying was the most memorable point. When we finished in Miami the last race we merge in a big hug and we said, “we did it”. That was all that we talked there, thinking in the last 3 years and all the situation that we had before until that point. Was and amazing feeling and a relaxing moment too. 

What do you like best about the Olympic sailing Venue?

About Rio, we think that the best is the different kinds of race area that Rio has. Flat Water , shifty winds, tide, outside you have big waves too and also the beautiful nature that you can look when you are sailing inside and outside the bay. Sail here will be a challenge for all.

What will your last few months before the games look like?

After Hyeres, we made a plan to sail in Rio 15 days Each month (May, June and July), so we will finish the training on July 20th and at that point we will have the boat ready and all the material tested to use in the games. Also we are taking notes about Rio and the different areas. In this, second training we are starting to look all the Rio 2016 sign and we are starting to feel the games.

How and where can your fans follow you on your Road to Rio?

Website: www.nacra17uru.com

Facebook: Defazio-Foglia rumbo a rio 2016

Twitter: @DefazioFoglia

Instagram: @DefazioFoglia

Pr Contact/Team Manager during the Olympics: Andrew Macpherson (+5521985495801) andrew.macpherson1@me.com