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28 September to 4 October / Lake Attersee, Austria

2020 Forward WIP European Championship

2020 European Championship - Day 6

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As part of its partnership with the International Nacra 17 Class, FORWARD WIP is proud to offer to the 30 best sailors in the world, a helmet specially designed for them. They will receive it during the Forward WIP European Championship in Attersee.

The helmets corresponds to the PROWIP 2.0 model. Made with in-mold technology (a thin polycarbonate shell co-injected with polystyrene foam), which has become the leading sailing helmet thanks to its ultralight weight (less than 300g) and superior shock absorption that exceeds by far the water helmet CE norm. 

The customization elements are added to this high performing design and aerodynamic shape, for a better perception of the wind. FORWARD WIP is providing leading Nacra 17 riders a helmet in the color of their country with high visibility neon for better safety.

All sailors and volunteers at the championship will additionally receive a championship visor and Forward WIP will be supporting the media efforts at the Championship.
Regatta information

European Championship Racing Schedule

Mon 28 September 2020 Practice Race 12:55
Tues 29 September 2020 Qualifying Series 10:55
Wed 30 September 2020 Qualifying Series 10:55
Thursday 1 October 2020 Qualifying Series 10:55
Friday 2 October 2020 Final Series 10:55
Saturday 3 October 2020 Final Series 10:55
Sunday 4 October 2020 Final Series 09:55   

49er and 49erFX: https://49er.org/event/2020-european-championship/#photos
Nacra 17: https://nacra17.org/events/2020-european-championship/#photos

Tracking and Video:
All races and all fleets will be tracked. Daily video highlights will be produced and distributed by Icarus Media.

Results will be posted race by race, as they happen49er https://49er.org/event/2020-european-championship/#49erresults
49erFX https://49er.org/event/2020-european-championship/#49erfxresults
Nacra 17 https://nacra17.org/events/2020-european-championship/#results

Venue: The 2020 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17 Oceania and World Championships will be held at the Union-Yacht-Club Attersee, Austria.  

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Registration Here is the manage2sail link to registration. Please note this regatta has payment by bank transfer, and the first cutoff to keep the lowest payment is August 28th. Sailors must ensure they are members of the class.

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