Jib Sheet Rigging

For the 2024 Nacra 17 World Championship the Technical Committee expect to see the following rules adhered to with regard to the jib sheet systems.


  1. C.6.1(g)(ii) states that if the double block on the traveller is replaced with a single block it can only be done if the resulting system is 2:1. This is between the track and the jib clew.


  1. C.10.8(a)(8) states that if the block attached to the jib clew (called the jib sheet turning block in the rule) is replaced it can be of any size diameter. There is no permission to remove or move this block. This reinforces the above rule in that there should be a 2:1 or 3:1 purchase between the track and the jib clew.


  1. According to C.6.1(a)(iii) any blocks added to the jib sheet system can only be used to lead the lines and shall not be used to create an increase of any purchase.


The N17TC will discuss jib sheeting systems with Nacra in the coming months and look at creating a clearer rule and long term proposal.

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