The results of the November 2017 Extraordinary General Meeting of the Nacra 17 class have been tabulated and the class will now work with World Sailing to introduce 6 new class rules, one change to the constitutions, and 1 policy change. With almost full participation in the voting, the Nacra 17 executive would like to thank the members of the Nacra 17 class and World Council for their active participation in the process.

    The rules which we will aim to add are:

    • Blocking the use of the gennaker upwind
    • Modernizing the Sail Numbers
    • Allowing flexibility on one of the crew footstraps
    • Restricting the use of tape below the waterline
    • Filling areas on the rudder

    The constitution change we will aim to implement is to reduce the number of Nacra Sailing representatives onto the executive to one.

    The policy change we will implement is to cease holding c-board racing at major championships.

    All other rule change proposals were rejected. Below is the table of voting for transparency.