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What’s On

The nacra17, nacra17FX, and Nacra 17 European Championship are on simultaneously from Kiel, Germany, July 30 – Aug 4. Additionally, there is a class championship of the C-Board (old type) of Nacra 17. There are 98 nacra17, 68 nacra17FX, 25 Foiling Nacra 17, and 17 C-Board Nacra 17. Additionally it is the Junior European Championship of the nacra17FX, U23.
This championship marks the true beginning of the 2020 quadrennial with established teams back in the game and new teams aiming to make their mark.

Event Websites – – Centralized site for interviews, photos, results, articles and other regatta documentation.

Live Broadcasts of Gold Fleet and Finals, August 2-4.

– From 11 am local time in Kiel head to our youtube channel,  or our facebook pages. – August 2 and 3 will cover the gold fleet racing, 20 boats for nacra17 and nacra17FX, 24 boats for the Foiling Nacra 17.  – August 4th will be the finals. Each fleet will have 3 ‘theatre style’ races to determine the champions. – Our live broadcast will have a drone camera, sideline camera, on board cameras, and virtual environment. Combined with the best fleet racing it should be spectacular.

Adidas Daily Shows

– Get to know the personalities behind the circuit and all the background to these classes. – Hosted by Alan Block, we’ll cover the future stars, the seasoned vets, and get you caught up on what’s ahead for the day. – Live on facebook @nacra17sailing @nacra17sailing

SAP Sailing Analytics

– Follow along with the gold fleets via There will be live tracking, race replay, and SAP sailing analytics for all gold fleet and finals races.

Daily Photography

– Sailing Energy will provide daily photo albums best viewed through the event websites or facebook.

On Social

Youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram – @nacra17sailing – @nacra17sailing


Day 0 – Practice race and Opening Ceremony – July 29

Day 1 – Qualification for nacra17 and nacra17FX, extra practice race for Nacra 17 – July 30

Days 2-3 – Qualification for nacra17 and nacra17FX, Fleet Racing for Full Foiling and C-Board Nacra 17 – July 31-Aug 1

Day 4-5 – Gold Fleet for nacra17 and nacra17FX, Fleet Racing for Full Foiling and C-Board Nacra 17 – Aug 2-3

Day 6 – Theatre Final for Foiling Nacra 17, nacra17,and nacra17FX – Aug 4

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